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Data fix applied, system running healthy.
Current Top Managers
Name Team League P W D L
1 James Gosling Southampton Championship 4 2 0 2
2 Aficionado Aficionado Liverpool Premier League 2 2 0 0
3 Joshua Babalola Stoke City Premier League 2 0 1 1
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Management Overview

  • Career Statistics
  • New & Latest Messages
  • League Table Snapshot
  • Open Transfer Bids
  • Next & Last Fixtures

Squad Screen

  • Full Skills Breakdown
  • Environmental Player Attributes
  • All Players in All Leagues
  • Clear Transfer Listing Status

Line-up Selection

  • Select your formation
  • Drag & Drop Players
  • Team Specific Kits

Tactics & Substitutions

  • Flexible Tactics options
  • Prioritise substitutions
  • Select alternatives for different scenarios
  • Be specific or as general as you like

Full Match Reports

  • Comprehensive Breakdown
  • Full match commentary
  • Birds-eye view Commentary Highlights mode

Transfer List

  • View & Bid for Players
  • Sell Players no longer required
  • Bid for any player on any team
  • View all open bids
  • View all completed Transfers by all teams
  • Search for players by position, skill or value

Complete Season Schedule

  • League and Cup match fixtures
  • Team x Team Results Grid
  • Graphs of every team's position over the season

Tables to Analyse

  • Full League Tables
  • Current Form Tables
  • League Progress Charts
  • Historic Tables from Previous Seasons

Comprehensive Statistics

  • Team of the Day
  • Top Goalscorers and Match Rating
  • Manager Leaderboard
  • Attendance Figures
  • Referees Performance
  • All Historic Trophy Winners
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